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SX-412 Fully Automatic CNC Controlled 4 Color Glass Bottle Universal Screen Printing Machine    


This multifunctional rotary multicolor screen printing machine is applied to different print pattern and word on cylindrical and oval object.

For example, wine glass bottle, liquor glass bottle, liquor glass bottle, drinking glass bottle, soy sauce glass bottle, glass jars, glass tubes, other glass containers and so on.

Featuring with easy operation, accuracy positioning, highly automation, fast in printing and low maintenance. 




1. Mechanical register and visual mark register can be achieved. Colour to colour high register accuracy.

2. Controlled by PLC and touch screen display, with kinds of monitor system to ensure the machine running stable and safe at high speed.

3. Equipped with functions, such as:

Vertical or horizontal infeed and outfeed of article,


Antistatic dust device,

Flame pre-treatment,

Automatic pre- and main register,

No article no print,

Conventional UV or LED UV curing system.

4. Mechanical combine with pneumatic driving. Uses photoelectric sensor to control stop point. Simple operation and stable running. High printing precision and quality.

5. All main components are from Taiwan, France, German, USA and Japan to ensure the machine quality and stability of printing.

6. Optional integration of different processing i.e. hot stamping unit and varnishing.


Printing speed max

1800-2100 pieces/hour   

(depending on article shape, size and print image, infinitely adjustable)

Printing area


Compressed air pressure

6-8 Bar

Machine dimension



AC 380V, 3-Phase, 50Hz/60Hz, 23Kw(conventional UV), 5Kw(LED UV)

Machine details:



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